Online video analysis - tennis


Type of AnalysisPrice
Forehand Analysis95 €
Backhand Analysis (slice included)95 €
Serve Analysis110 €
Return Analysis95 €
Volley and Overhead Analysis95 €


A complete analysis of all strokes
(Forehand, Backhand, Serve, Return, Volley, Overhead)
370 €
(you save 120 €)
Offensive package
(Serve, Forehand)
370 €
(you save 120 €)
Basic package
(Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Overhead)
220 €
(you save 65 €)

All types of the above analyzes are processed within 7 days after sending the video footage, in case of a complete analysis of all strokes or any of the packages processing time is 14 days.


  1. Take a player's footage during live play - rally from the middle of the court. Take a footage from side view and from back view (Instructions and tips for capturing a video).
  2. Upload the footage to YouTube in highest quality resolution or use website and send us a footage on our email:
  3. Paypal the amount for your chosen type of analysis or package to
  4. If you chose to upload a video to YouTube, send us a link to