Swing Speed Measuring - tennis

We focus primarily on measuring the swing speed of these strokes: forehand, backhand, serve. For measurement, we use professional radar to measuring swing speed.

Profesional radar

Racket speed is the sole basis of power in tennis. If you want to become a more powerful tennis player, you need to figure out how to swing your racket faster.

The faster you swing the racket, the faster the ball flies and the more powerful your shots become.

The better the player, the faster the swing.

Compare the speed of your swing with top players of your age and uncover your weaknesses.


The first method to increase your swing speed is to optimize your technique and contrary to what the majority of experts, instructors and coaches is telling you, there isn't a wide range of acceptable technique, especially if you're interested in becoming a professional athlete (golfer, tennis player, baseball player...).

More informations about optimizing stroking technique in tennis here.

At this point in time, there’s no other option because there is no proof that performing conditioning exercises such as weights, plyometrics, exercises with expanders stretching, yoga, etc. help you to swing faster. These exercises fail to address the four key elements described here.

The second method how to increase your swing speed is training with revolutionary device – Speed Chain.


Absolutely not, this option is not really possible. The swing speed can be fast but never is it too fast. Any player looking for an improvement should maximize the swing speed.

When you swing faster, the ball will fly farther unless you can generate additional spin to help you control your newfound distance. Power without control in tennis is useless. If you have this problem, you will need generate more spin in your shots, more about spin generation here.


In 2015, effective methods and drills for increasing swing speed are introduced on the European market.


To be fast, train fast! We are presenting the latest technology in physical training!

The SpeedChain products develops Speed, Agility, Explosive Power, Muscle Endurance, Muscle Coordination, Fast twitch arm/shoulder/leg muscle firing, Quick Reaction Time.

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