About SwingAnalyst

We offer analysis of swinging sports using high-speed video

All analyzes in tennis section are processed by professional coach with several years of experience in all ages and performance levels, by the former tennis player Tomas Josefus...more »

Jsem profesionální hráč stolního tenisu, momentálně působím v české nejvyšší soutěži. Jsem členem širšího reprezentačního družstva mužů ČR 2017. Absolvoval jsem studium magisterského...more »

I play on a professional level for 17 years, currently playing as a player of the Ostrava club - TJ Sokol Klimkovice, with whom I play extra league. As a coach, I have years...více »

Why Swinganalyst?

We offer analysis prepared with help of professional motion analysis software and high-speed video. Thanks to modern technologies we have 8 times more information for prepare an analysis (240 frames vs 30 frames per second). If you are interested in improvement in technical aspects of your game, we‘ll show you the right moves and we‘ll tell you the reason for their involvement in the stroke or swing.

High-Speed Video Footage + Video Analysis Software + Detailed Processing of Analysis + Understanding of the Players = The Biggest Possible Improvement in the Shortest Period of the Time


With help of professional software we are sending our processed analysis online directly to your iPhones, other smart phones and other portable devices. In our analysis we use understandable terminology and thanks measurable performance factors we are able to recommend what to improve, how to improve and we are able to define the customers exactly about how big improvements we are talking. With this approach, and based on age and level of performance we are able to eliminate limiting factors of performance.


Video doesn’t lie. Video is a very important and powerful tool for improving virtually any aspect of your game: technical, tactical, even mental.

This video will give you an objective view and the truth about your game. Not the exception, that if you see the video for the first time you are surprise, sometimes even shocked from the reality, which is often very different in terms of your feelings of your tennis movements.

High-speed video footage will not only uncover the reality and truth about your game, but also the truth about how much, or how little your coach really knows about teaching strokes and stroke mechanics.

This is one of the reasons why coaches use video so little in today's modern era as a tool for improving the player's technique and performance.

The main reason is they fear that video reveals their only a basic knowledge in terms of teaching human movements and also shows that professional players is not fulfill their simplistic phrases and instructions, which hears most of the athletes every day all around the world.


We are presenting direct comparison of high-speed (240 fps) and a normal speed video (30 fps).

Both videos shows the part of the service motion in tennis, which is invisible to the human eye, thanks to the racket head speed at this stage of the serve.

In both videos you can see a motion of hitting arm from a position of maximum external rotation of the shoulder to the point of contact and the action of a forearm (pronation) and wrist.

YouTube video SwingAnalyst
240 fps

Tennis Serve - High-Speed Video Footage...

YouTube video SwingAnalyst
30 fps

Tennis Serve – Normal Speed Video Footage...