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Table tennis belongs to the fastest ball games in the world. Due to the technological development and innovation during the past 20 years there is a vast amount of new materials emerging on the table tennis market bringing new possibilities of the maximum speed and spin of the ball. Better physical condition and tactical awareness of the players are demanded as a result of shorter reaction time. Efficiency of the strokes is becoming a key factor in order to gain a better position as the game is getting faster and faster. However, it comes to the question: How to reach this efficiency? Leaving aside the tactical awareness of the players, there is a way of more effective and exact execution of the strokes which includes to reach maximum speed of a bat, maximum spin of a ball and to coordinate body’s motion in an effective way of moving.

There are two basic things to be on each player’s mind, at first where is the point of contact between a bat and ball (e.g., in front of the body, beside the body, behind the body, it means the execution of the swing), secondly what is the angle of a bat and a hitting arm in the moment of the hit of the ball (where to touch the ball, spin of the ball). Do you know what is the angle of your bat while you’re hitting the ball? Would you like to know where exactly do you hit the ball? Are you interested in what is the position of your body in various phases of the strokes or what is the direction of your kinetic energy while you’re hitting the ball? The SwingAnalyst Team brings you the answers to these questions by a modern way of the video analysis. Due to the modern technological equipment of the team (a high-speed cameras 240 fps, a professional video analysis software V1 Sports) you’d be able to see the particular details of your strokes with focus on basic positions of your body, all the phases of the swing: backswing, contact point, completion of the swing, positions, motion and angles of the bat, angles of the hitting arm (wrist, forearm), hip rotation, footwork, side by side analysis and comparison to the best players (the same screen, the same phase of the swing, and so on.)

Develop your game to the maximum, analyze your strokes, analyze your swing!

Our team offers video analysis of these strokes: forehand (drive, topspin, topspin contra topspin), backhand (drive, topspin, block & kick block), serve, receive & short game (short, long cut ball, forhand flick, backhand flick-czech flick, half long ball forehand topspin).

Measuring angles: positions of the upper part of the body, positions and angles of hitting arm (arm, forearm, wrist), leg positions, angles of the bat in the course of the swing (before, after, at the moment of the hitting the ball).

Comparison with professional players: side by side comparison of the swing, position of the legs, of the sweet spot to the TOP players.

Stroke mechanics: analysis of the basic mechanism of the strokes during the warm-up and particular exercises with focus on: in-out motion, positions after serve, position while receiving the serve, F to B motion, B to F motion.

Samples of our analyzes here.



Stolní tenis - analýza

The majority of conventional analyzes presented in today's media, whether websites, magazines, books or coaching manuals, are presented in the form of sequences showing the important body positions that are achieved by the player in the execution of the stroke.

Thanks to high-speed video, we work in our analyzes with at least 200 images, not 5 or 6 images. Compare 6 and 200 images. Because of this limitation, a conventional analysis gives you a very limited view. High-speed video allows us to see precisely the whole movement and we don't need guess what movements precede.

For example, when using a high-speed video, there is no need for debate about how the hand and wrist worked at the time between images in sequence (between the backswing and contact point). We see exactly all movements on the screen. Furthermore, we are regularly able to capture the moments which were random event before high-speed video - the ball in contact with a bat (only a few miliseconds).

With today’s high-speed video many more positions at many more stages during the execution of a stroke can be clearly captured and integrated into the resulting analysis. SwingAnalyst has access to far more information about the body movements involved in any stroke today.