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Do you know how much spin you can generate in your serves and groundstrokes? Do you know how much spin are able to generate players like Federer, Nadal or Djokovic? Is it better to use high or low spin rates? What is the average ball spin rate of a professional player's topspin forehand when rallying in a tour-level tennis match? How topspin is created? Is spin generation influenced by today's extreme grips?

Does it automatically mean that player with extreme forehand western grip will play with higher spin rate than a player with eastern grip?

How is possible that Roger Federer is able to generate higher spin rates in his forehand with eastern grip and plays with higher spin rates in average comparing to Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych (both of them are using semi-western forehand grip) or Kei Nishikori and Kohlschreiber (western forehand grip)?

These and other questions will be answered by SwingAnalyst.

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How is possible that today's players are able to generate much more topspin than previous generations of tennis players? Are the reason modern materials and equipment or an extreme western grips?

Hit all the balls in the center of the racket! Is this instruction good for your performance? Is is the difference in the amount of (top-)spin produced at impact locations other than the center of the string bed? How do you make contact with the ball and what exactly is doing your racket? What is the position of your racket before, in the contact point and right after the contact?

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Contact point above the equator

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Central impact


Contact point below the equator

Our analysis will show you where you make contact with the ball, and we recommend you how to improve your spin generation.