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Serve Speed Measuring

We focus primarily on measuring the speed of the outgoing balls from first and second serve. We always record the fastest and the average serve speed. We measure the speed only for serves that are placed in the court. Possibility to measure in practice or in training matches. For measuring, we use a professional radar designed to measure the speed of moving objects.

Do you know fastest and average serve speeds of professional players and top players in your age category? Compare your serve speed with them and discover your strengths and weaknesses. There are a big differences in these speeds, remove your weaknesses and create weapons for a match.

There are certain speed standards in each age category and at each performance level. You can have the best attitude, you can be mentally strong, motivated and focused during game at 100 percent, but if you are out of these standards you have no chance in a match. For example, if at ATP level you can't serve around 200 km/h on a regular basis or you are not able to return to the court serves at 210 km/h, your motivation and mental part of the game will hardly help you at this time.

If you want serve like a pro we recommend you our Serve Analysis.

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